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Here you will find a list of things you should not do:

  • do not change templates without discussing it first, use the templates talk page. The decision whether the template will be modified to your suggestions or not lies with the Admin.
  • do not change the layout of articles set in WikiRaider:Samples, again use the discussion page.
  • do not change the info boxes, again use the talk page (of the sample) to make suggestions.
  • do not move around articles (especially those that have been placed there or visited by a sysop/Admin - you do not have enough insight to say if this will cause any trouble especially with interwiki links) You may suggest the movement of pages at WikiRaider:Articles for relocation. Give a reason and when the Admin thinks you have a point, the article will be moved in consideration of all that is connected to it.
  • do not remove "dead links". If you encounter red links, these gaps should be filled. If you delete the internal link to those pages they will not be found and the gaps might never be filled. If you are unable to fill the gaps, ignore it.
  • do not use watermarked images, in fact, do not use any images from the internet unless you have the permission of the copyright holder to do so.
  • do not remove images from an article put up by other users just because you don't like them. Leave both in the article for a moderator to do the work.
  • do not forget to add Wiki formatting to a new article.
  • do not copy texts from other web sites. Again, this is a copyright issue. Quotations are OK to a certain degree as long as a reference is provided; use the ref-tags to do so.