Trinity Soldiers

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Trinity Soldiers

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Classification Human
Weapons Automatic guns, Flamethrower
Weakness Vulnerable to any weapon

The Trinity Soldiers, led by Konstantin, are - besides the Deathless - the main Enemies in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Although Lara first has to face them in Syria, they are most abundant in the Siberian Wilderness, where they try to defeat the Remnant.


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  • Normal Trinity Soldier
Equipped with either automatic guns or rifles.
Can most efficiently be killed using Grenade Arrows or by aiming for the tank on their backs.

See Also

These Trinity Soldiers became infected by a toxin in a Soviet experiment and now resemble zombies. Lara has to fight them in in the Cold Darkness Awakened game mode of Rise of The Tomb Raider.