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The Toxin is a chemical weapon that seeps from the Soviet Weapons Research Facility in the Rise of the Tomb Raider Downloadable Content Cold Darkness Awakened. It blinds any male human that comes in contact with it, but also gives him superhuman strength. The toxin was responsible for the creation of the Infected Trinity Soldiers.

The Toxin was developed by a Russian scientist working for the Soviets. He was trying to create some kind of super soldiers; his experiments were in a way successful, but as the resulting specimens were hard to control, the project was finally abandoned.

It has taken me thirty years of adversity, doubt, and ridicule to reach this day.

It was the state who finally saw the worth in my work. Saw the potential in raising up a generation of Soviet men to be something... more...

The first wave of test subjects, brave heroes, one and all, had to be euthanized.

My work, I see now, would never have led to a generation of heroes as I once dreamed.

I know one thing. I created a weapon to protect my homeland. For that, I am proud.
Unnamed Russian Scientist, Cold Darkness Intro Video