Tokens of Faith

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Tokens of Faith is a set of Relics in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Tokens of Faith

There are six relics in this set:

"Another religious symbol, but this one is... simple and handmade... the Prophet must have drawn followers from every walk of life..."[1]
Found at the Northwest Border of Syria, The Prophet's Tomb
"Religious icon... Detailed and inlaid with gems. It looks Byzantine... perhaps 10th century. It fits with the legend of the prophet..."[2]
Found at the Northwest Border of Syria, The Lost Tomb
"A ceremonial cloth worn by priests during Mass..."[3]
Found in the Voice of God Challenge Tomb (part of the Soviet Installation)
"It Reliquary box, something used to protect and hold relics of the Saints. Anything from teeth to fingers to the entire head... This claims to be a relic of the Prophet." - "It's empty..."[4]
Found in the Acropolis, Into the Acropolis
+15 XP Greek
"A papal bull, the lead seal marking the authenticity of a document. This must have been attached to something of great import. like... a writ of excommuncation."[5]
Found in the Acropolis, Reach the Tower
"A Byzantine brooch... the enemalwork is beautiful. - This portrait has been defaced... It looks like was depicting the prophet. They must have had to hide their faith..."[6]
Found in the Glacial Cavern, Best Laid Plans
+15 XP Greek


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