The Knight: On the Trial

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Scroll from The Prophet's Trail Set

The Knight: On the Trial is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the The Prophet's Trail set and contains letters written by The Bishop in Rome and The Knight of the Order of Trinity. This correspondence is mainly concerned with the Prophet's resurrection and the siege of his tomb in Syria.

They found the Prophet's followers, and planned to kill them all... What was so dangerous about the Prophet?

My Lord,

I ride at the head [of] a small army of the faithful, armed and ready, and I have good news: we have located the Tomb of the Prophet. We were attacked by madman upon the road, wearing the Prophet's livery, but they were easily bested.

We allowed one to flee, and followers him back to the Oasis. Whether the Prophet escaped death, or whether another now wears his mantle, it does not matter. All will perish inside, and it will become a Tomb at last.