The Knight: Death of the Prophet

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Scroll from The Prophet's Trail Set

The Knight: Death of the Prophet is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the The Prophet's Trail set and contains letters written by The Bishop in Rome and The Knight of the Order of Trinity. This correspondence is mainly concerned with the Prophet's resurrection and the siege of his tomb in Syria.

A knight of Trinity followed the trail with the intent of wiping out the rest of the Prophet's followers. They wnted no evidence to remain...

My Lord,

What you say is impossible, I myself drove a spear into the Prophet's heart. I saw him die.

Doubtless his people have propped another man up in the slain Prophet's robe to continue his lies. They are broken, discredited, and exiled. We will head south and put the rest of his people to the sword, but the Prophet is dead.

This, I swear.