The Knight: At the Gates

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Scroll from The Prophet's Trail Set

The Knight: At the Gates is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the The Prophet's Trail set and contains letters written by The Bishop in Rome and The Knight of the Order of Trinity. This correspondence is mainly concerned with the Prophet's resurrection and the siege of his tomb in Syria.

They were confident that they could end the Prophet's influence, but clearly it didn't go as they had planned...

My Lord,

The last remnant of the Prophet's followers have barricaded themselves inside his Tomb. We have made camp at the entrance, and we are preparing to break through their barricades. I saw the man claiming to be the Prophet, before they sealed the gates, and I admit, he bears a striking resemblance. But it could not be.

No matter. They will all be dead before sunrise. The Order of Trinity will see that heresy ends here.