The Hand Of Orion

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The Hand Of Orion
Found 1999
Game(s) The Last Revelation
Level Found Burial Chambers
Level Used Burial Chambers

The Hand Of Orion is a minor artefact and a key found in the level Burial Chambers in Last Revelation.

Lara picks it up in the second chamber of the level which is rigged with Spikes in the shape of a spike tunnel. The artefact is used a few chambers further away from the initial spot it was found, opening the path to the rest of the level.


A star-shaped, hollow artefact with a blue and brown coloring.


The artefact is not known to have any special powers. When placed onto its receptacle, a door opens, leading further into the chambers.

See Also

A very similar star-shaped artefact found also in the level Burial Chambers.

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