The Golden Serpent

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The Golden Serpent


Found 1999
Game(s) The Last Revelation
Level Found Burial Chambers
Level Used Burial Chambers

The Golden Serpent is a minor artefact that's used as a key found in the level Burial Chambers in The Last Revelation.

After taking the serpent, a large gate opens while all other exits are sealed. Two mummies arise and try to kill Lara. The golden serpent has to be inserted into a wall receptacle on the right side, while the Scarab Talisman has to be used in the left. Together they will trigger the sand flowing into the chamber, raising the ground level, so Lara can get out at the top.


Shiny, decorative serpent statue.


The Golden Serpent is not known to have any special, supernatural powers. When it is placed onto its receptacle alongside with the Scarab Talisman, a mechanism is activated. This causes sand to flow to the chamber with the receptacles, making it possible to progress in the level.