The Exodus

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Scroll from The Apostle Set

The Exodus is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to Prophet's Arrival set and describes how Decius became the first apostle of the Prophet and how he and the other followers were forced to leave the Byzantine empire.

The Apostle of the Prophet was with him, all the way from Syria to here... The loyalty he inspired in his followers was unshakeable.

From the journals of Decius, first apostle to the Prophet, 979 A.D.

When the Knights of the Order of Trinity learned of the Prophet's rebirth, they attacked again. But we were armed with true faith. Where they expected a slaughter of helpless refugees, they found an army of men and women who would no longer be victims. Many died there, but in the end, we stood victorious. We fled, leaving his Tomb and the Empire behind.

We walked for months, across the high plains, and into the frozen lands beyond the borders of the Empire. The path was difficult, and many began to doubt the Prophet. I am ashamed to say I did as well. I hope he can forgive me, for with the break of dawn, we now see the truth: He has brought us to an earthly paradise, where we can begin anew.

God bless the Prophet, for he has delivered us.