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The Survey Team is a group of Trinity soldiers in Rise of the Tomb Raider.


It is unclear which of the many Trinity soldiers belong to the Survey Team. We certainly know that the soldier that gets attacked and killed by Mishka the bear outside the cave belonged to the Survey Team: his superior calls him on the radio and explicitly mentions the team name.

Survey Team, this is Overwatch. Please respond.


Survey Team, please respond. We've got some... interference on that last transmission.


We lost contact with survey team on the southern ridge. Last known point of contact was the Mongolian ruins. Gear up and be ready for orders.
Radio Call

It is logical to assume that at least some of the other soldiers in the Siberian Wilderness also belong to the Survey Team, or that they are part of the search party that was sent after the Survey Team. If so, they are responsible for the death of Sophia's company when she just barely manages to escape. It follows that these soldiers are just as dedicated to the Trinity cause as Team Bravo and the other Trinity members, in contrast to some of the hired help like the Trinity Equipment Technician, who deserts and wants to leave Siberia as fast as possible.