Sun Ball

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Sun Ball
Obstacle Type Key / Trigger / Climbable Object
Strategy Grab hold of it and move about.

The Sun Ball (or Sphere of Sunlight as Isis calls it) is one of the Movable Objects in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. Their outer shell is made of metal wire and a yellow sun-like light is emitting from their centre.

"Ah, yes. That fits perfectly."
Lara Croft, Temple of Osiris, in-game dialogue upon inserting to receptacle

Lara and her companions can roll them or use a Bomb to move them about. They can also be used to light Braziers and Gas Vents, they can be re-purposed as stepping stone and they can be placed in receptacles to serve as a trigger for an event.


  • Pyramid of Osiris
The first time this gameplay item is found in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is in the very first level, Pyramid of Osiris. In this instance two sun balls have to be moved into their receptacles.
  • Overworld
There is also a sun ball in the Overworld, which is needed to open the entrance to the Tomb of the Silversmith.
  • Tomb of the Silversmith
In the Tomb of the Silversmith the first sun ball is used as a weight to push down a Pressure Plate and keep it triggered. (Single Player)
  • Tomb of Hoarfrost
The sun ball makes another appearance in the Tomb of Hoarfrost, a DLC level that is part of the Icy Death Pack.