Sam: Adventures With Lara

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Sam: Adventures With Lara is one of the Documents in Tomb Raider (2013). It is part of the seven Endurance Crew documents and located in Cliffside Bunker, at 53N 712554 UTM 3415893.

This is one adventure neither of us will want to remember.


I suppose on some level I have Lara to thank for this job. She's always believed in me. The academics at college dismissed filmmaking as nonsense. They just saw me as this ditsy American troublemaker with a camera.

But you know what? Most people can use a little trouble in their lives. And deep down, I know Lara wanted just to cut loose sometimes. She just needed a little help unlocking her inner party girl.

We had so many awesome adventures together. That insane backpacking trip through Bulgaria, I was always dragging her out to clubs. And the hiking trip on the south face of Kilimanjaro; all Lara wanted to do was explore ruins, but who knew we'd run into so many cute guys? Certainly not Lara, haha?

I have a feeling this expedition is going to be one for the books. Lara with her notebook, me with my camera... another crazy adventure![1]


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