Resistance (The Red Mine)

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Resistance is one of the Documents in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It is part of the set The Red Mine.

The ledger titled Resistance can be found within the region Soviet Installation, near the Copper Mine. It is found within the Challenge Tomb "The Red Mine" where it is placed on a table in a small connecting cave just after entering the interior of the mine. Is is the journal of a Remnant worker imprisoned in the Soviet mine.

We can no longer wait for our brothers outside the mines to begin their resistance.

The Soviets have found something they desire more than the poison ore, they found our forefathers history, have desecrated their tombs. This is the last injustice. We thought at first the old guardians would emerge, and punish our tormentors, but now I see we will have to be the instrument of God's retribution.

We gather our strength, store picks and axes in secret places... Very soon those of us that are still well enough will rise up, and bury our oppressors here, before they erase our past along with our present.
text of the document

Like all documents it will raise Lara's general experience (XP) by 15 and since it has been written by a member of the Remnant originating from the Byzantine empire, it also improves her Greek by 15 XP points.

The first opportunity to find this document is during the story level Alone Again, where Lara is able to access the copper mill and thus the red mine for the first time.