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There are several References to the character of Lara Croft or the Tomb Raider Series and Movies in many different media.

Other Video Games

  • Primal
In the video game Primal (PlayStation 2; SCEE) there is a cemetery on the world Artha where you can find a headstone inscribed with "R.I.P. Laura Cruft 2003". This may be a reference to The Angel of Darkness, whose release date had been postponed several times until it finally reached stores on July, 1st. (There is a screenshot in the Primal article.)
  • Serious Sam - The Second Encounter
The ego shooter "Serious Sam - The Second Encounter" features a indirect reference to Lara Croft from the Venice level from Tomb Raider II, just after the player has had to swim for some time.
  • Life is Strange
In the adventure game Life is Strange, also created by Square Enix, there is a reference to a "Kroft Gallery", which is owned by a woman called "Amanda Kroft". There are several other references to the Tomb Raider Games.

Movies and Television

  • James Bond - The World Is Not Enough
In the 19th James Bond movie there is a character called Dr. Christmas Jones, played by Denise Richards. She dresses a lot like Lara Croft and her surname can be seen as a reference to another famous archaeologist, Indiana Jones.
  • Warehouse 13
In the eleventh episode of the second season of Warehouse 13, entitled Buried there is a reference to the way Lara Croft dresses.
  • Männer sind Schweine (music video)
In the musik video for "Männer sind Schweine" (lit. "men are pigs") by the German rock band Die Ärzte Lara has a cameo appearance where she has black hair.


  • Megatokyo
Lara is being mentioned in the web comic Megatokyo, which was created in 2000 by Fred Gallagher. The story of the comic is that two friends, Piro and Largo, get to Tokyo but never back home. When trying to get into E3, which back then was non-public, they encounter a Lara Croft cosplayer (off screen).