Radio Calls

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Transmission Recorder

Radio Calls is a set of Documents in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

This set contains Jonah's intercepted attempts at communicating with Lara after she went missing in the avalanche that Trinity has recorded, supposedly for further tactical analysis. He talks to Lara even though he gets no reply and fears she has died in the snow masses. The recordings chronicle Jonah's descent from the mountain into the Soviet Installation, through the enemy lines, and finally into the Geothermal Valley, where he meets the Remnant.

Documents of the Radio Calls Set

There are four recordings in this set:

An intercepted radio transmission from Jonah. Trinity must have been monitoring him as he followed me into the valley...
He made it all the way down to the facility... I should have expected. Stay safe, Jonah.
Oh dammit Jonah. What the hell did you get into?
Someone was keeping watch on Jonah. Jacob's people must have known he was no thread to them....