No Illusions

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No Illusions
Tomb Raider Underworld
Section Prologue
Level No 0
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 5 minutes

Secrets 0
Location Surrey, England
Level Chronology:
No Illusions The Path to Avalon

No Illusions is a short introductory level in Tomb Raider Underworld, that gives the players time to familiarize with the controls, focussing on climbing and jumping and leaving out combat. The events of this level, the destruction of Croft Manor, will be concluded in the third section of the game.

There are no enemies in this level and one medkit can be found.


  • Get into the bedroom.
  • Find a way through it and through the passage outside into the main hall.
  • Find a way down into the main hall.


Traps & Obstacles


Especially the ever present fire will make Lara's life difficult, the collapsing floors and ceilings add to the dangers.

Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

In this level Lara finds a big lever switch, a movable crate and a door she has to open using the grapple.


For beating this level PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers receive a Trophy/Achievement.

Xbox gamers can get the achievement Prologue (Prologue successfully completed) which is worth 25 achievement points adding to the Gamerscore.

On the PlayStation the trophy Prologue is a Bronze Trophy.