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Nationality Remnant
Parents Unknown
Game(s) Rise of the Tomb Raider

Nadia is one of the characters from the Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch DLC in Rise of the Tomb Raider. She is a Remnant teenager.


Nadia meets Lara after she gets attacked by some Trinity soldiers at the old Sawmill in the Soviet Installation. She asks Lara for help in the search for her grandfather, Ivan, who went into the forest in search of Baba Yaga. The witch supposedly killed her grandmother, Serafima, a prisoner of the Soviets, who was taken on the expedition that went into the forest because of her botanical knowledge and who was lost there during the Remnant rebellion.

Lara helps Nadia with her wounds and then sets off towards the forest. Nadia finds a walkie-talkie which she uses to listen for Trinity activities and relay them to Lara, but the lose contact when Lara enters the Wicked Vale. Later on she helps Lara translate some old Russian manifests in order to find one of the ingredients for the Antidote to the pollen of the flowers - called Dreaming Blossoms by Baba Yaga[1] - that grow in the vale.

They meet again after Lara reactivated the old lift that takes them both up to the witches house. There at the entrance they find Ivan. Nadia stays with him to treat his wounds, while Lara goes on to defeat Baba Yaga, who turns out to be Serafima.

After the witch is defeated, Nadia can be found in the witch house - actually some ruins of the Remnant's forefathers - studying an old book. She tries to find out how the old mechanics work and how to get them working again.


Nadia is a somewhat reckless girl that goes looking for her grandfather on her own in the middle of the Trinity attack. She seems to have a tight bond with him, her mother having died shortly after her birth of a fever[2].

Nadia is about Lara's height and wears a blue jacket with yellow applications, beige trousers, black shoes with blue cuffs, an aviators cap, and a heavy rucksack. She has long black hair. The only weapon she carries is an old unloaded revolver, its firing pin has not been working in ages.



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