Mummified Cat

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Mummified Cat
Mummified Cat.jpg
Found 1996
Current Status In Lara's treasure vault
Game(s) Tomb Raider Anniversary
Level Found Egypt - Temple of Khamoon

The Mummified Cat is one of the Relics in Tomb Raider Anniversary. It is found in the level Egypt - Temple of Khamoon.

The relic is found in the very end of the level, in the room with the turnable obelisks. Move a movable block right next to a column in the right side the level exit doors. Climb up along the cracks on the wall, jumping and moving until you can jump onto an obelisk and perch on it. Make your way to the last one and jump to grab a crack in the wall. Shimmy to the right, and you'll find a well-hidden room with the relic and a large medipack.

With the cult of the cat goddess Bast [also known as Bastet] becoming popular in late period Egypt, cats were often mummified and sold to pilgrims, who presented them as offerings to the goddess.
In-game information [1]


Well-maintained mummified cat.


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