Jonah: Recognizing the Truth

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Jonah: Recognizing the Truth is one of the Documents in Tomb Raider (2013). It is part of the seven Endurance Crew documents.

Jonah probably believed this island was cursed before any of us. I've got to find a way to get them all out of here.


I feel something in this place, something I haven't felt since I was a child. When my father would go insane with rage, I would hide with my brother and he would tell me the tale of Pania of the Reef. I remember feeling the ocean calling to me. I wanted to escape, to give myself to the silent sea.

And now, as I look at the reefs surrounding this beach, I feel that urge again. I see Pania's green seaweed hair, woven among the wreckage. I feel her tears in the spray of the waves, lashing upon the rocks.

Lara is right, this island is cursed. There is a rage here that will never let us go. If the worst happens and I'm the last one standing, I will let Pania take me. I will swim away and join my brother in the waves.[1]


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