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A Jet Ski is a vehicle that operates on the water. It has a similar body to that of a motorbike.

Lara has never used one in the games to date, she can however be seen driving a Jet Ski in the second Tomb Raider movie The Cradle of Life and in the Tomb Raider Comics story arc Dead Center.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

After an earthquake near Santorini, Greece unearthed some archaeologically interesting finds the treasure hunting begins. Lara is not aboard the salvage vessel of her Greek partners, the Petraki Family, yet, when the race begins. They set off without her but Lara soon follows, arriving on a Jet Ski.

She's seen doing flips with the vehicle. Alas the illusion of the movie is destroyed by the driver clearly not being Angelina Jolie.

Dead Center

In the story arc told in Comic Issues Tomb Raider #7 to 10 Lara is hunted by an organization called the Midnight Squire. When a green orb, the Eye of Shaherettin, and a dead man mysteriously appear in the bedroom of her Yacht, Lara and her new employee Madeline Hovan find themselves on the run. To escape the ship, they take Lara's jet ski.