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Charles Kane
Nationality French

(in The Last Revelation)

Occupation Archaeologist

(in The Last Revelation)

Game(s) The Last Revelation

(as Jean-Yves)
Tomb Raider Chronicles
(as Charles Kane)
Tomb Raider Anniversary

Charles Kane (formerly named Jean-Yves) is a character in The Last Revelation and Tomb Raider Chronicles, and also mentioned in Tomb Raider Anniversary.

He makes his first appearance in Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation as Jean-Yves.

The Last Revelation

He is introduced as one of Lara's good friends residing in Alexandria. When coming there, looking for a way to recapture Seth, Jean-Yves proves to be a big help. She can visit him several times in his study to ask for help with her adventure. He can give her quite a bit of useful information.

Jean-Yves is kidnapped by Von Croy in the end of the Alexandria Section and later saved by Lara in the beginning of the level Citadel.

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Jean-Yves returns in Tomb Raider Chronicles, bit under a new name and appearance. Now he is Charles Kane - one of Lara's close friends showing up for her Memorial Service. He also had a small role in the story telling about Lara's search of the Spear of Destiny.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Charles Kane is mentioned in one of the many readable books scattered around the Croft Manor. It is implied that Charles Kane was a historian of some sort.

As Charles Kane notes in his superb history of the Iron Curtain, there were numerous historical precedents against the practicality or feasibility of the fortress system of foreign policy.
A book in Croft Manor[2]

Name Controversy and the Real Jean-Yves

In 2001 the real-life French archaeologist Jean-Yves Empereur - who just like the fictional Jean-Yves performed digs in Alexandria, searching for the Lighthouse of Alexandria - contacted the publisher Eidos, because he felt that his name was used without his consent. Even though Eidos claimed that this was coincidental, they apologized and stopped using the name Jean-Yeas[3], changing the character's name to Charles Kane for the upcoming Tomb Raider Chronicles.



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