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Country United Kingdom
Games Tomb Raider Chronicles
Comics Comic Issue 43

Ireland is a location Lara visits in Tomb Raider Chronicles and in Comic Issue 43.

It is an island located in the North Atlantic, close to England and Scotland.

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Main article: Ireland Section

The third section of Tomb Raider Chronicles takes place in Ireland.

At the age of 16 Lara spent some time with Winston and his wife in their hometown Connussie, Ireland. They hear rumours about strange sightings on a nearby island, the Black Isle. Father Patrick Dunstan wanted to look into it personally and Lara sneaked aboard his boat and accompanied him to the island, where several spectral and demonic creatures had infested the island, among them a now demonic Russian horseman named Verdilet.



Comic Issue 43

In the Comics in Issue 43 Lara travels to Ireland, Offaly, in search of the famed Dolmen Emerald, which she believes to be hidden in the Lotte Castle.