Ill Omens

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The Lost Engineers Scroll

Ill Omens is one of the Documents in Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch (additional content for Rise of the Tomb Raider). It belongs to The Lost Engineers set; scrolls left behind by an engineer tasked with the construction of a shrine in the Wicked Vale, but whose crew fell victim to the hallucination brought on by the local vegetation.

As construction progressed, they must have come in contact with the pollen...

Construction on the shrine continues. We decided to build our shrine at the top of the Vale, high in the cliffs above the river. In the lower parts of the Vale, where we quarry the stone, we constructed an aerial lift to bring cargo straight to the shrine.

With all of our success thus far, I cannot ignore the ill omens. The two-headed wolf pup I found, dead in the forest, or the strange noises at night that no one can identify... And the murder, first in our new city.

Two journeymen were feared lost in a side passage collapse. But one emerged, two days later, raving mad and covered in his companion's blood. We are no strangers to violence, but I cannot shake the feeling that we have crossed some forbidden, invisible threshold.