Hydro Propeller Bug

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Flying Lara

The Hydro Propeller Bug is a useful but also funny bug which allows Lara to fly with the vehicle in the Tomb Raider III level Lud's Gate.

How it works

The fastest way to get a hydro propeller is after Lara delivered the Embalming Fluid and fell into the deep chamber behind the secret door at the beginning of the level. Now accelerate underwater but also press the button for dismounting. If you hear a double sound from the scooter, Lara is still attached to it and you cannot hear any sound from the vehicle, you made it. It probably needs some tries.

Now Lara can "drive" around in the water but also in the air, without losing her breath. Unfortunately you cannot shoot and you shouldn't get off in midair.

In the big hall with the boxes you can discover an inactive Scuba Diver if you come from a direction where you don't trigger the enemies.

By alternately changing between the bug and normal playing, you can also finish this large (and for some people annoying) level. In the end you can even fly into Sophia Leigh's office.


  • You can leave the water with the vehicle and fly around.
  • Lara doesn't lose breath.


  • You cannot shoot.
  • You have to get off the vehicle inside the water. If you park it in midair, you cannot mount to it anymore.


Fun fact

A little story from cybie: "I found this bug accidentally with my friend when we were kids. We played Tomb Raider III together again, where he wanted to get on the underwater scooter. I suddenly said: "Stop! Wait." - for whatever reason - and he pressed "Dismount" but also accelerated. We heard a weird double turning-off sound from the scooter but Lara was still holding it. Of course, for us, this bug was a little sensational discovery in the year 1998/99 without internet."