Greece - Midas's Palace

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Greece - Midas's Palace
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Section Greece Section
Level No 7
Length (*)
  • Time Trial: 16 Minutes
Secrets 2 Relics, 1 Artifact
Location Europe, Greece
Level Chronology:
Greece - The Coliseum Greece - Midas's Palace Greece - Tomb of Tihocan

Greece - Midas's Palace is the seventh level in Tomb Raider Anniversary and the third of the Greece Section.


Lara enters the palace of Midas hidden underneath an amphitheatre in Greece. She will there find herself facing the task of having to find three Gold Bars and insert them at the Midas Statue. She will find three Lead Bars, she can turn into gold with the help of King Midas's hand. However she should avoid stepping on the hand, otherwise she will be turned to gold.




In this level you can find two Relics and one Artifact.

To get the Griffin-Head Protome, Lara must succeed in a timed run for it in the room with the pillars with flames. After finding and pulling a switch that raises a pillar, revealing the artefact in a niche, Lara has about 45 seconds to swim to it.
To get the Athenian Owl Figurine, Lara must make a timed run by jumping on retracting pillars and ledges, some of which have spikes. The artefact is located in the alcove in the far left corner of the room (when facing the room from the lever that raises the pillars).

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