Death and Rebirth

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Scroll from The Apostle Set

Death and Rebirth is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to Prophet's Arrival set and describes how Decius became the first apostle of the Prophet and how he and the other followers were forced to leave the Byzantine empire.

As the Prophet fled the Imperial City, he and his followers were attacked, and the Prophet was believed to be slain. But he rose again... somehow...

From the journals of Decius, first apostle to the Prophet, 977 A.D.

When the Emperor died[1], the Prophet's favor was lost, and we were forced to begin our exodus in the dark of night. The new Emperor has no love for the Prophet, so there was nothing left to stop the Knights of the Order of Trinity.

We fled towards the desert, to begin again, when the Order of Trinity came upon us, and murdered the Prophet. I saw him die. We placed his body in a cave near the Oasis, and in our sorrow, began to build him a tomb.

The Order of Trinity is not finished. They desire not only the death of the prophet, but the mysteries of the Divine Source. They will come again. But in our darkest hour, the Prophet has risen. He has defeated death, just as he will defeat our enemies.


  1. Wikipedia Historical fact: In 977 A.D. no Byzantine emperor died. Constantine IV "the Bearded" reigned from 968 to 985.