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Pages of the Ledger Document

Autum is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the Pages of the Ledger set and describes the life of the Remnant after the loss of Kitezh, recounted by Jacob.

This should have been the happiest time of Jacob's life. He's so concerned about failing his people...

Alya is with child... my daughter. I cannot put into words the tempest in my skull. I know I made a grave mistake. My people will accept it without an ill look, but they too will see the error of my judgement. It seems so cold to call this year of happiness with Alya an error, but with every glorious moment, I knew that we sowed the seeds of tragedy.

I cannot be a husband, or a father, and still be who I must be for my people. Some day, I will have to make a decision that pits my duty against the love of my family. I do not know how I will bend on that day. God help me. I am a fool.