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The Assault Course in Tomb Raider II can be found behind the Mansion.

When you start the Trainings Level by choosing the Polaroid (Lara's Home) you will find Lara standing at the Assault Course.

Welcome back. After that gruelling business last year I've decided to build this assault course to hone my skills... and learn some new ones.

How to get through

Step onto the first row of wooden crates and you will see, that a clock appears at the top of your screen.

  • Position on the right side.
  • Make a standing jump over the gap and the clock starts.
  • Make a running jump over the gap and climb up.
  • Make another running jump and keep running.
  • When you reach the next edge, jump and while in the air press action to grab the ledge opposite. Pull up.
  • Don't slide down the slope, just take a running jump into the water (I was not able to make that jump without ending up in the water).
  • Run forward to the ladder and jump straight up. Climb as quickly as possible.
  • Hopefully on the right, jump onto the pillar ahead...
  • Make your way towards the slide ahead by jumping on the pillars ( either by jumping on the pillar in front of you and then on the slide, or by jumping on the front, then left pillar)
  • Slide down a bit, then jump and grab the obstacle ahead
  • Run down the horizontal ladder and jump into the water
  • Swim under the red obstacle and surface to either the right or left
  • Climb the ladder in front
  • Grab the zipline and hold on until Lara releases
  • Jump in front once to stop the timer

Record Times

The record for the known shortest time of completion of the course is 1:03:9, by Wolff Morrow.