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Remark: This article describes Lara's mother Lady Andrea/Mary Croft from the Tomb Raider Comics. For information on Lara's mother from the Tomb Raider Games, see Amelia Croft, for information on Lara's mother in the Reboot Games, see Amelia Croft (Reboot).

Lady Andrea/Mary Croft
Died 1988
Nationality British
Spouse Lord Henshingley Croft (Top Cow Comics)
Children Lara Croft
Comic(s) Saga of the Medusa Mask:

Andrea Croft (also Mary Croft) is the mother of Lara Croft and the wife of Lord Henshingley Croft in the Top Cow Comics.

In the very first issue published by Top Cow she is called Mary Croft, while in later issues she is always referred to as Andrea Croft.



In 1988, when Lara was 21, the Croft family jet crashed in the Himalayas, killing Andrea Croft, her husband and Lara's fiancée Roger.