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Ambassador: First Impressions is one of the Documents in Tomb Raider (2013). It is part of the ten Ancient Scrolls documents.

An ancient scroll. It appears to be the recollection of an Imperial Chinese Ambassador's visit to the court of the Sun Queen.


After a fortnight I was at last granted an audience with her majesty, Himiko of Yamatai. I must confess, she is unlike any woman I have ever encountered. Beautiful, yet inscrutable; calculating, even. She surrounds herself with her Priestesses of the Sun. No men attend her, save the general of her armies. When I met her alone, I came to realize that she is not at all what she seems.

I was sent by my lord to spy on her... to assess the strenght of her armies. But now I feel she is the one assessing me.

My lord has perhaps underestimated the threat of Yamatai. Though I cannot gauge the true strenght of her Stormguard, I cannot deny a powerful feeling that the Sun Queen should not be trifled with.[1]


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