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Remark: This article describes the level Venice in Tomb Raider II. For information about the location, see Venice (location).

Tomb Raider II
Section Venice Section
Level No 2
Length (*)
  • Game Time:
    30 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Europe, Italy, Venice
Level Chronology:
The Great Wall Venice Bartoli's Hideout
detailed Walkthrough

Venice is the second level of Tomb Raider II.

Lara travels to Venice in search of a man called Bartoli. She hacks into the laptop she finds in the level The Great Wall and decides to search there.

You will encounter Mafioso Killers, Rats, Dogs and Brawlers.

Lara has to find the Motorboat and take it through the Canals and through the gate leading towards Bartoli's Hideout. Around the beginning of the level Lara can find the Automatic Pistols for the first time.

This level can be completed in two ways: on foot or using the boat. On foot isn't necessary to find the key to unlock the room on the boat, but you can go directly to the sewer swimming. Nor should we turn the lever that changes the water level to raise the boat or open doors, because you can swim down them. Going on foot, plus you can go straight to open the clock door, because although it opens, if you go swimming, will not ring the bell. Neither the bombs explode.

Use the boat can be considered the "legal" method, but is longer and more way should be done.

This level was available as demo, as was the Level The Great Wall.



  • Find the key to the boathouse
  • Use the motorboat to get to the next part of the level, via the canal
  • Open the door behind the Aquatic Mines






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