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Crystal Dynamics was founded in Menlo Park, California in 1992 and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Eidos in September 1998. The studio develops software for the console and PC and has established an enviable track record for its famous Legacy of Kain franchise. Since July 2003, Crystal Dynamics has been responsible for the further development of the hugely successful Tomb Raider series. In 2009 Eidos (and Crystal Dynamics with it) was bought by Square Enix, which released a successful reboot of the franchise.



Official Website

Games created by Crystal Dynamics

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft

Note: The Lara Croft titled games are also created by Crystal Dynamics but feature a completely different isometric game play. They are a kind of fill-in games to bridge the long wait between the Tomb Raider game releases.

Crystal Dynamics Studio Front



Head of Studio
Art Director
Global Brand Director
Senior Producer
Community & Communication Manager
Experience Director
Executive Producer


  • Keir Edmonds (...-2011)
Group Community Manager

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