The Deck

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The Deck
Tomb Raider II
Section Maria Doria Section
Level No 10
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 45 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Adriatic Sea, Maria Doria
Level Chronology:
Living Quarters The Deck Tibetan Foothills

The Deck is the last of the Maria Doria Section levels in Tomb Raider II. It's the main deck of the Maria Doria, blocked in a huge cave where the Seraph is located. It's broken in two parts, one on the right side, the other upside down.


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Lara has spent some time inside the sunken ship Maria Doria, and now has reached above the vessel. Still on the search for the Seraph, Lara looks around the deck and surrounding caverns.




In this level you can find 3 stone dragons.

Located in the bottom of the large subterranean lake with the yellow inflatable raft. On the ledge with crates, face the raft and swim to the left to a tall rock formation. The Silver Dragon is at the bottom of the rocks in the middle of some seaweed.
Located in an alcove sealed with a door in a pool of water on the upper middle deck. It's guarded by a barracuda and a diver.
Located on a small niche on stone wall with Glass Shards at the lower part of middle deck.

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