The Days After

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Scroll from The Days After Set of Documents

The Days After is a set of Documents in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

This set contains the history of the Remnant's survival after the Mongol attack and the following loss of the city of Kitezh. They had to learn to survive in the wilderness without the benefits of the city and without the Prophet, who was believed to be dead and buried with the Deathless and the invaders.

The first winter was the hardest and two thirds of the people were expected to die. But slowly they learned to adapt and build a new way of life. In the end the Prophet returned to them, although they did not recognize him at first.

Language Proficiency

All documents in this set are worth +15 Greek XP, except for the last one that Lara collects, which is worth +30.

Documents of the Set

There are four scrolls in this set:

When the city of Kitezh fell, the inhabitants were forced to go on without the Prophet...
The survivors of the fall of Kitezh had to abandon the heart of the city...
The survivors of the Mongol siege struggled to survive without the infrastructure of their city.
After many years, the surviving remnant of the Prophet's people adapted to survive in the valley.