The Abandoned City

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A Scroll of the Set The Day After

The Abandoned City is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the The Day After set and deals with the Remnant's survival after the Mongol invasion and the fall of the city of Kitezh. They believed the Prophet to be dead and almost did not survive the first winter, but after nearly a decade they adapted to the harsh conditions and finally the Prophet came back to them.

The survivors of the fall of Kitezh had to abandon the heart of the city...

It has been months since the snows of the mountain buried the heart of Kitezh. We sent men to search for survivors or food, but none have returned. Sounds drift up from the glaciers, but if people still live entombed inside, I do not know. It could be the shifting ice, nut I will be the first to admit, it sounds like the voices of men.

Perhaps the ghosts of the Prophet's warriors still patrol the frozen streets. We will send no more of our people inside. We have to accept that the Prophet, and the city, are lost to us, and that we are now on our own.