Temple Ruins

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Temple Ruins
Tomb Raider III
Section India Section
Level No 2
Length (*)
  • First Time: 105 minutes
Secrets 4
Location Asia, India
Level Chronology:
Jungle Temple Ruins River Ganges

Temple Ruins is the second level in Tomb Raider III, it's part of the India Section.

After she has explored the Jungle, Lara comes to a Campsite, where she encounters a crazy man named Tony. He tells her that two of his colleagues Randy and Rory are inside the ruins.

Inside Lara will encounter some Shiva Statues that come to life.


Lara's explorations take her deeper into the jungle. While searching around the higher ledges of the area, she stumbles onto a crawlspace that leads to a temple. Inside, Lara comes face to face with statues that come to life, many cobras, traps and the dangerous areas created by the dilapidated state of the temple.

As she heads deeper into the temple, Lara finds both Randy and Rory, both of which have been killed by a Shiva statue. The heroine manages to escape the temple via a gate.