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The Template:Remark should be used in articles that are no disambiguation pages but could be mistaken for a disambiguation page or another article of the same or of similar name.


Remark: This article describes the Croft Manor in Tomb Raider Legend. For general information about Lara's Home, see Croft Mansion.

  • {{Remark|*anything preceding the page's name, like "the"*|*exact name of the article*|*context, like in which game it appears*|*what kind of information e.g. general when this is a special article about the subject*|"about what*|*exact name of the article's link*|*if needed the context of this article*}}

in this case:

  • {{Remark|the|Croft Manor|in [[Tomb Raider Legend]]|general|about Lara's Home|Croft Mansion|}}

It is also possible to link to two similar articles:

Remark: This article describes the Motorcycle in general. For detailed information about the in-game vehicles, see Motorcycle with Sidecar (The Last Revelation) and Ducati Motorcycle (Tomb Raider Legend).

example source:

  • {{Remark|the|Motorcycle|in general|detailed|about the in-game vehicles|Motorcycle with Sidecar| (The Last Revelation) and [[Ducati Motorcycle]] (Tomb Raider Legend)}}


{{Remark| | | | | | | }}