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Rats tr3.jpg

Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider III, Tomb Raider Chronicles, The Angel of Darkness, Tomb Raider Anniversary

Enemy Type regular enemies
Classification Mammals
Distinctiveness The Swarm of Rats in Chronicles they can not be killed.
Weapons Teeth
Weakness Rats are weak in general and can easily killed by gun.

Rats are enemies in several Tomb Raider Games.


In the original Tomb Raider the rats are quite big. Lara first encounters them in the Palace Midas of the Greece Section.

Compared to the rats in the original Tomb Raider the rats in Tomb Raider II are small, in comparison they could be mice. They first occur in the Venice Section.

In Tomb Raider III Lara will encounter rats in the London Section. They are a bit bigger than in Tomb Raider II but not as big, as in the original Tomb Raider.

In The Last Revelation you can also encounter rats. These however are simple animations and they can neither be shot nor do they do any harm.

In Tomb Raider Chronicles you will always meet a swarm, instead of single rats. Just like the Flock of Bats in the same game they can not be killed and Lara has to flee. The occur in the Rome and Ireland Section.

Just like in the original Tomb Raider the rats occur in the Greece Section (TRA), however additionally there are rats in Egypt and the Lost Island too.