Hall Of Demetrius

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Hall Of Demetrius
The Last Revelation
Section Alexandria Section
Level No 18
Secrets 1
Location Egypt, Alexandria
Level Chronology:
The Lost Library Hall Of Demetrius Pharos, Temple Of Isis

The Hall Of Demetrius is the eighteenth level in The Last Revelation and the sixth in the Alexandria Section.

The goal is to get the Pharos Knot and leave. The left painting is a picture of Osiris and the right one is a picture of Hades with his three headed dog - the Greek god of the dead. The paintings of these gods could have possibly been the reason there were different ambient noises than in The Lost Library, instead the ambient noises from the burial chambers after getting the Amulet of Horus from Seth's tomb are used. The noise's could have been present because of these paintings, they were both gods of the dead.

The Hall of Demetrius is presumably named after Demetrius of Phaleron, a Greek scholar and orator who was banished from Greece to Egypt. He took up residence in the city, proposed the building of the Library of Alexandria, and made many additions to it's collection, writing on politics, philosophy, history and poetry.


Lara has arrived to the Hall of Demetrius where she finds out more about the Egyptian mythology surrounding Set. She also encounters Werner Von Croy again, and apparently he's not so worried about the revival of Set.




There's only one secret to be found in this level.

Artefacts & Keys



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