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There are numerous Bugs in The Angel of Darkness, most of them annoying, some helpful.

Crashing Game

If your game keeps crashing, there are a few things you can do to solve the problem.

  • Make sure you have installed everything that came with the game (including DirectX 9 and EAX)
  • Update your graphic card and sound card drivers.
  • Download the latest patch from Eidos
  • Deactivate all programs that might interfere. (Anti Virus, Firewall, ICQ...)
  • AMD Users, deactivate the following options if you have any trouble.


  • Check your monitor and Game Settings. If you are using 16-bit color (High Color) on your System, set the game to 16-bit. If you are using 32-bit (True Color) set the game to True Color as well.

Falling through walls/floor

This is a bug so far only encountered on AMD Systems (e.g. Athlon XP, Duron).

Position Lara in front of a slope. Press roll, then press roll again and Lara will fall through the wall into the next level.

This can also happen when jumping around near the pile of rubble at Bouchard's Hideout, under the car in Le Serpent Rouge and on the bridge at the Archaeological Dig.

Gas Mask in Parisian Ghetto

This is a bug reported on a Centrino with Radeon 9200. It might also have something to do with loading an unpatched Savegame into a patched game. When loading a Parisian Ghetto Savegame, Lara is suddenly running around with a gas mask, she's not supposed to have until the Louvre Level Galleries Under Siege.

TIP: You can use these masks underwater like an aqualung.(that is especially useful in Neptune's hall) if you walk up to the case and crouch while you are about to crouch you will see a hand come up. if you press crouch and action together Lara will grab one of the masks inside do this about 3 times and you will have all the masks but do not use them until Neptune's hall when you get to the underwater passage part(and also don't save underwater: Lara can breathe but she's not invincible)And when you get back to the Galleries Under Siege all of your masks will be there for your use.

Shimmying in thin air

When you enter St. Aicards from Francine's (Cafe Metro route) you can climb up the drainpipe in the corner facing towards the park. Shimmy to the right and pull up. Turn around and jump onto the opposite roof. Lara will slide. Grab hold. Shimmy to the left, around the corner, till you cannot shimmy any more. Shimmy back and suddenly Lara will be in the air. At the end of the trip she mysteriously jumps back to the drainpipe.