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The Official Fansite Program was established by Crystal Dynamics in order to improve the communication between the publisher/studio and those Official Fansite Program Websites that participate in it.

At the moment (August 2017), Community and Communication Manager Meagan Marie is in charge of the OFP. In early 2017 Morrigan Johnen was hired to help her coordinate the efforts.

To take part in the OFP one has to follow certain guidelines and codes of conduct to ensure an atmosphere of mutual respect between the participating sites; e.g. no offensive or leaked material should be shared. On the other hand active participation in the fan community is necessary. Otherwise all members are completely free in expressing their opinions and open discussion is encouraged. Furthermore members may receive goodies or invitations to events.

To participate, a prospective site webmaster should contact Meagan or Morrigan through the official Social Media channels or via email.