Willard Mutant

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Willard Mutant
Enemy Type Main Boss
Classification Mutant

The Willard Mutant is born, when Dr. Willard threw himself into the Meteorite Crater and is exposed to the energies released into it. Some players call him The Willard Spider.

Willard assembles the artefacts at the cavern and raises the meteorite from its resting place. He evolves at a tremendous rate into a 4-legged beast with spikes for hands, and a twisted torso.

He tries to prevent Lara from removing the artefacts but fails. The artefacts kept him invincible and their removal lowered the Meteorite back into its resting place and made him vulnerable to gunfire. He dies at the feet of Lara.


Willard's twisted evolved form is the last boss of Tomb Raider III. When the meteorite artefacts are in their respective places within the meteorite cavern, he is invincible, although too much gunfire will make him unconscious for a short while. While conscious, he can manipulate the power of the meteorite and fire pulsating energy balls, from his spiked-hands which seem to be the antennas for concentrating the energy. These projectiles never miss their target and kill instantly, which means that the only way for Lara to survive is not to let him launch them at all. He also is quite agile in the air, being able to perform a quick 180 degree jump on the spot.

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