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Wile E. Coyote
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Join Date October 4th 2004
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Welcome to my profile.

This page mainly exists so I remember my own user name. ;-) And, of course, because trg said: "You are an admin, you have to have a profile page!"

Why am I helping Wikiraider?

A question that is not easily answered. All in all I don't like Wikis that much. Well, ok, they are very useful to look something up, but to work on one is a totally different thing (as you can see from what I've been doing on the German Wikipedia so far...).

But, then again, as I'm a fan of the Tomb Raider games and trg had the great idea of opening up a Tomb Raider Wiki, I was... well, one could say, I was "drafted"! ;-) But in a good sense.

What am I doing here?!

Mostly I am here to look through the recent changes and help trg to keep out the vandals. Sadly they always come back...


There are some things that make life easier. I will list them here as soon as I find them! ;-)

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