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A Jump is a classic way for Lara to get over a crevice or obstacle. Jumping is also a method to get to a higher point in a level.


Jumps in the Classic Games

In the classic games of the Tomb Raider Series the Jump Button can be used in many different ways:

  • By just pressing jump Lara will jump straight up.
  • By pressing jump and forward, Lara will jump forward. You can press left/right while in the air, to steer in this direction. This would be a standing jump. Lara can also do a running jump where she first has to move forward.
  • If you press left/right/back while pressing jump, Lara will make a side- or backsault.
  • Under water the jump button will also be used for Diving deeper.

Note: Jumping forwards is slightly faster than the run , and a backwards jump covers slightly more area than a standing jump forwards.

Default Setting

PC: Alt
PlayStation: Square.gif

Next Generation Games

The main difference between the classic and the Next Generation is that the environments no longer exists of blocks of a defines size. For jumps this has the consequence that Lara can jump any time without having to align to a block boundary first (Free Jumping). E.g. in the old games (or some Custom Levels) Lara would need to walk up to a ledge, take a backwards jump, and then a running jump forward to reach the ledge on the other side of a crevice. These restrictions have been lifted.

Also, pressing jump several times in the three Legend era games will make Lara do Somersaults, especially if mixed with the Roll Button.

It is still possible for Lara to steer while in the air.

Mobile Games

In Lara Croft: Relic Run Lara can jump by Swiping up. She can change lanes while in the air by swiping left or right. Sometimes when jumping over obstacles she might perform a Parkour Move if she jumps at the exactly right moment.

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