At an Impasse

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At an Impasse
Tomb Raider (2013)
Level No 5
Location Coastal Forest
Level Chronology:
Just Keep Moving At an Impasse Mountain Rendezvous
detailed Walkthrough

At an Impasse (previously known as Gated) is one of the levels in the Tomb Raider Reboot. After getting her foot stuck in a bear trap when failing to rescue her friend Sam from the hands of her captor, the Scavenger Mathias, Lara rests at the Base Camp The Gate. She is then called by her companion Doctor Whitman to examine a nearby gate, the name-giver of the base camp. This gate could be opened by turning two wheels, one on each side. Unfortunately the wheel on the left side is missing its handle, and Lara's attempt to use her axe fails, as the tool isn't strong enough. Lara is forced to collect Salvage to strengthen the tool by upgrading it at the base camp. Gated is followed by Mountain Rendezvous.


The following tasks have to be fulfilled in this level.

  • Collect salvage to upgrade the axe
  • 50/50 salvage collected
  • Find a camp and upgrade the axe
  • Open the large gate
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