Flooded Passage

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Flooded Passage
Gol flooded passage loading.png
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Level No 7
Location Cental America, Yucatan
Level Chronology:
Toxic Swamp Flooded Passage The Jaws of Death

Flooded Passage is the seventh level in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.



Escape the Flooded Passage


The level features 3 Score and 4 Reward Challenges.

Score Challenges

  • Score 120,000 points
  • Score 160,000 points
  • Score 180,000 points
Reward: Automatic Pistols

Reward Challenges

Reward: War Drum
  • Break down the wall with the giant ball in 8:00 or less
Reward: Golden Eye of Cipactli
  • Destroy all the arrow traps (0/37)
Reward: Health Powerup
  • Find and destroy the 3 hidden urns
Reward: Ammo Powerup


  • Weapons: 2
  • Relics: 2
  • Artifacts: 2
  • Power Ups: 4
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