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In each Tomb Raider you will encounter a number of different Enemies (also called Baddies or Opponents). Some of them will help you or leave you alone if you do the same, others are hostile.


Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider II

Tomb Raider III

The Last Revelation

Tomb Raider Chronicles

The enemies encountered in the Rome Section of the game are more diverse than those of the other sections. Besides occasional encounters with Larson and Pierre, Lara has a run in with Dobermans, Rats, Bats, Lions, Gladiators, Statues that come to life and a set of Serpent Gargoyles.

The enemies encountered in the Russia Section mainly consist of men. Besides three types of Base Guards (those with handguns, those with M16 and the one working the grapple control), there are the Snipers, the Russian Gangsters (with handguns and UZIs) aboard the Submarine, the Cook and the human-operated Mechanical Diver. The only non-human enemy in the section is the German Shepherd Dog.

In the Ireland Section young Lara mainly encounters non-killable enemies like the stone-throwing Little Demon, the immobile semi-transparent Skeletons with swords, a brown beast, the demon Verdilet and the only creature she can truly get rid of by feeding it to the little demons, the Sea Hag.

The VCI Section is dominated by human enemies again. There are the heavily armoured VCI Soldiers, the VCI Guards, the harmless VCI Workers, a Helicopter and two Cyborgs. The only animals are little beetles.

Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness

Tomb Raider Legend

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Tomb Raider Underworld

  • Animals
  • Monsters, Mutants and Mythical Creatures
  • Humans
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