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Enemy Type regular enemy or immortal enemy
Classification Animal, Mammals
Distinctiveness In most games these enemies can be harmed by any weapon. In Chronicles they are immortal.
Weapons Teeth

The Bats are encountered often during Lara's adventures. They were the first enemies ever encountered in the games; in the original Tomb Raider. Up until now there have been bats in all the Tomb Raider Games, except for Tomb Raider II and Tomb Raider Legend. In Tomb Raider III however they were harmless and only served as style element. Most often they appear as single enemies, except for Tomb Raider III and Tomb Raider Chronicles, where they appear as a flock.



Tomb Raider

In Tomb Raider Lara will encounter single bats. They mainly occur in the caverns of Peru and in Greece.

Tomb Raider III

In Tomb Raider III, in the Madubu Gorge, Lara will meet flocks of bats that are harmless. They are actually animations instead of enemies.

The Last Revelation

Like in the original Tomb Raider the bats in The Last Revelation appear as single enemies.

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Main article: Swarm of Bats

In Tomb Raider Chronicles Lara will meet aggressive flocks of bats that cannot be killed. She has to flee.

The Angel of Darkness

In The Angel of Darkness Lara will encounter single bats again.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Like in the original Tomb Raider, the bats in Tomb Raider Anniversary will appear as single enemies in Peru and Greece.

Tomb Raider Underworld

Bats return as enemies in many of the levels of Tomb Raider Underworld. Just like Tarantulas bats can grab hold of Lara's arms. They may do so when she's climbing. In such a case they have to be quickly shaken off, otherwise they can cause Lara to lose grip and fall into pits.

Unlike humans or larger animals the bats disappear after they have been killed.

Bats appear for the first time in the Thailand level Remnants.
They return as enemies in the Croft Manor.


Bats are relatively weak opponents and not much of a strategy is needed to fight them off. Make sure to spot them early and take them off with a few quick shots. They will often try to go for Lara's head, so rolling out of the way is a good idea.

Tomb Raider Chronicles is the only exception to these simple rules as the bats there cannot be killed.

In Tomb Raider Underworld the bats can also hold on to Lara's arms and have to be shaken off using Interaction.


GameWeaponShots It Takes / Effect
Tomb RaiderPistols1 shot suffices

Similar Enemies

The bats are pretty unique in the games as they are the only flying opponents that can be finished off in the blink of an eye. They otherwise share similarities with other flying or weak enemies.


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