Bartoli's Hideout

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Bartoli's Hideout
Tomb Raider II
Section Venice
Level No 3
Length (*)
  • Game Time:
    35 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Europe, Italy, Venice
Level Chronology:
Venice Bartoli's Hideout Opera House
detailed Walkthrough

Bartoli's Hideout is the third level in Tomb Raider II. Lara comes here after she has driven the Motorboat through the huge gate at the end of the Venice level. There is a shortcut that can be taken by jumping through a fence, which will make Lara completely avoid a section of the level, and also a secret.

The baddies in this level are Rats, Brawlers, Mafioso Killers and Dogs.

Lara can find the Automatic Pistols and the Uzis in this level.

At the end she has to find a Detonation Key to bomb her way into the Opera House





Typical Scenery of the Level

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